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Minnesota Census Notes

Although by 1820, there were settlers in what we call Minnesota, the actual census records are scarce for people who were living in this area of the Northwest Territory during this early time period. Some of these early Minnesotans are found in the 1820 census of Michigan Territory.  In 1830 & 1840, some people living in this part of the Northwest Territory, were enumerated by Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa census takers. If you find yourself at a dead-end, it is recommended that you check 1830 & 1840 census records for MI, WI and IA. In particular, you should check St. Croix County, WI and Clayton County, IA as many Minnesota folk were enumerated in those areas.  The first official Minnesota census enumerated by the U.S. Government, is the 1849 Minnesota Territorial Census.

Federal Minnesota Census records begin with the 1850 Territorial Census.  An 1857 Territorial Census was enumerated just prior to statehood.  Federal censuses for Minnesota began with the 1850 Territorial census and were conducted every 10 years thereafter and are available to the public for census years: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. See 1849-1905 Minnesota Territorial & State Censuses at Ancestry & 1790-1940 US Census Records at Ancestry.

The 1890 Minnesota Federal Census Records were destroyed by a 1921 warehouse fire with the exception of Rockford Precinct of Wright County. The 1890 Veterans and Widows census schedules survived the fire and may be used as a census substitute. See 1890 Federal Census Fragments at Ancestry.

Soundex code (phonetic indexes) for Minnesota Federal census records are available on microfilm for census years: 1880, 1900 and 1920.

Minnesota State Census Records survived for years 1853, 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895 and 1905. The 1853 MN census contains limited information and is very incomplete BUT if you are lucky, your Minnesota ancestors were enumerated AND every member of the household listed.  Your odds are slim but definitely worth a look if you have ancestors in Minnesota in 1853. 1865-1905 Minnesota state census records are a gem as they have some extra information.  In 1865, Soldiers in service on June 1, 1865 are included. In 1875, enumerators asked for the birthplaces of father and mother and 1895-1905 MN state censuses asked how long they had lived in the state and district. See 1849-1905 Minnesota Territorial & State Censuses at Ancestry.

Minnesota Census Records

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Learn what questions were asked in each census year and where to find census records online.  This section of Census Finder covers each census year from 1790-1940 and will give you clues and tips to help you learn to locate your ancestors quickly in census records.

Minnesota Census Records


SK Publications - Minnesota


Minnesota Census Records &

Genealogy Records

by Subscription

1880 Minnesota State Gazetteer & Business Directory, Vol. 2

1835-1890 Minnesota Census

1849-1905 Minnesota Censuses

1850 US Census Search

1890 Census -Veterans Schedules

1900 Census Online 

Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, Vol. 14, Part 2 (1912)

Minnesota Genealogy Data at World Vital Records

Minnesota Statewide Databases




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Minnesota Vital Statistics

Where to write:

Minnesota Department of Health

Central Cashiering - Vital Records

P.O. Box 64499

St. Paul, MN 55164-0499

Phone: 888-345-0823

How to Order: Office of the State Registrar

Minnesota birth and death records are held by the local registrar's office in each county with the exception of the city of St. Paul where the records are located at the St. Paul Health Department. See Minnesota Local Registrars.

Minnesota marriage & divorce records are held by the Local Registrar in the county where the event occurred. See Minnesota Local Registrars.

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Minnesota Vital Records

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Minnesota Vital Record Databases

1908-2002 Minnesota Death Index at Ancestry

1935-2002 Minnesota Birth Index at Ancestry

1958-2001 Minnesota Marriages at Ancestry

Minnesota Birth Certificate Index 1900-1934

Minnesota Birth Index 1935-2002

Minnesota Birth Records by County, 1863-1983

Minnesota Births & Christenings 1840-1980

Minnesota Death & Burials 1835-1990

Minnesota Death Certificate & Card Index 1904-2001

Minnesota Death Index 1908-2002

Minnesota Death Records 1866-1916

Minnesota Divorce Index 1970-1995

Minnesota Marriages 1849-1850

Minnesota Marriage Index 1958-2001

Minnesota Marriages by County, 1860-1949

Minnesota Will Records 1849-1985

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Minnesota County Map

Minnesota Historical Maps

MN Newspapers & Obituaries

 Minnesota Newspaper Obituaries

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 1815-1985 Historical Newspapers

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Minnesota Genealogy

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Minnesota History Museums

Minnesota Native Americans

Minnesota Naturalization Records Database

Minnesota USGenWeb Census Project

Minnesota USGenWeb County Pages

State Archives Links

Minnesota History Books

1918 History of Clay and Norman Counties

at World Vital Records:

1882 History of the Minnesota Valley

1887 Concise History of the State of Minnesota

1895 History of the Welsh in Minnesota

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(Territory 1849.  Statehood: 1858)

Statewide Minnesota Census Records Online

1835-1890 Minnesota Census Records at Ancestry

1849-1905 Minnesota Territorial & State Censuses at Ancestry

1849 Minnesota Territorial Census Records

1850 Federal Census Index

1850 Territorial Census Index linked to Census Images

1850 Federal Census Images - Statewide

1850 Federal Census Index and 1850 Census Images

1857 Minnesota Territorial Census

1860 Federal Census Index

1865 State Census Search & Images at Family Search

1870 Federal Census Index and 1870 Census Images

1875 State Census Search & Images at Family Search

1880 Federal Census - Search and View the images

1880 Federal Census Search at Family Search

1885 State Census Search & Images at Family Search

1895 State Census Search & Images at Family Search

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images

1905 State Census Search & Images at Family Search

1910 Federal Census Index

1920 Federal Census Index

1930 Federal Census Index at Family Search

1930 Federal Census - Crews and Vessels Schedules for Minnesota

1940 Federal Census Index and 1940 Census Images

Minnesota State Databases of Census Records & Genealogy Records


Other MN Statewide Genealogy Records Used as Census Substitutes

1821-1989 City Directories Search at Ancestry


MN Census Records Online by County

Jackson County (formed 1857 from unorganized territory)

1860 Federal Census Records

1865 State Census Records

Other Records

Biographies of Early Residents from various historical sources

1883 Pensioners List

Kanabec County (formed 1858 from Pine)

1865 State Census Records

1870 Federal Census of Brunswick

1890 Federal Census Veterans Schedule

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

Kandiyohi County (formed 1858 from Meeker)

1910 Federal Census Index at USGenWeb (partial)

1910 Federal Census Transcription at USGenWeb (partial)

1900 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 145B-148A

1900 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 148B-151A

1900 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 151B-152B

Other Records

Early Settlers in Arctander Township

Early Settlers in Burbank Township

1883 Pensioners List

Kittson County (formed 1862 from unorg. territory.  Previously Pembina)

1890 Federal Census Transcription - Veterans and Widows Schedules

Koochiching County (formed 1906 from Itasca)

1920 Federal Census Index.  (partial)

Surnames starting with: 

[A-G]   [H-N]   [O-Z]
1920 Federal Census Transcription (partial) - Use above1920 census  index.

Other Records

1945 Plat Book for Littlefork Ranger Station

Lac Qui Parle County (formed 1871 from Brown & Redwood)

1880 Federal Census Records for Baxter Twp.

1880 Federal Census Records for Camp Release Twp.

1880 Federal Census Records Lac qui Parle Twp.

1880 Federal Census Records for Village of Lac qui Parle Twp.

Other Records

1870-1940 Vital Records for Yellowbank Twp.

1883 Pensioners List

1907 School Class of Cerro Gordo

Lake County (formed 1856.  Previously Doty)

1900 Federal Census of Fall Lake

Lake of the Woods County (formed 1922 from Beltrami)

1930 Federal Census Index (partial)

1930 Federal Census Transcription (partial)

Le Sueur County (formed 1853 from unorganized territory)

1857 Territorial Census Records

1860 Federal Census Records (partial)

1865 State Census Records (partial)

1875 State Census Records  (partial)

Other Records

1862 Le Sueur Tigers

1867 Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill

1883 Pensioners List

Plat Map Entries for Belle Plaine Twp.

Lincoln County (formed 1866 from Lyon)

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

Icelanders who settled in Limestone, MN

Lyon County (formed1868 from Redwood)

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

1884 Town Plat Maps

1887-1997 St. Pauls Lutheran Church Records

Mahnomen County (formed 1906 from Becker & Norman)

White Earth Nation

No known census online for this county.  Submit a census link.

Mankahta County (formation unknown.  Discontinued after 1850)

1850 Federal Census Index

1850 Federal Census Transcription

1850 Federal Census Index with Transcription at USGenWeb Census Project

1850 Federal Census Images

Manomin County

Formed 1857 from Ramsey and was annexed to Anoka County in 1870, abolishing Manomin County.  Many people are confusing this with Mahnomen County.  The two are not related in any way.  Manomin County was actually the land encompassed by the boundaries of the townships of Fridley and Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

By an act of the Legislative Assembly, passed on the 23, May 1857, Anoka Co. was organized with the same boundaries as today with the exception of the southeastern tip of the County. The organization at that time did not include the Twp. of Fridley which was organized the same day as Manomin (or Mahnomen as it was also spelled) County. Manomin county contained the exact lines of the former Twp. of Fridley including Columbia Heights and was organized through an error, intentional or otherwise. On the 12, April 1870, a petition, signed by a majority of voters of Manomin Co., for admission as a township, was presented to the County Commissioners of Anoka County, was granted. This information is courtesy of  "History of Anoka County" copyright 1905.

1860 Federal Census Images

Marshall County (formed 1879 from Kittson)

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

1902 Plat Map Transcription for Holt Twp.

1909 Plat Maps for Marshall County

1909 Plat Map Transcription for Holt Twp.

Martin County (formed 1857 from Brown & Faribault)

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

Civil War Solders from Martin County

WWI Solders from Martin County

McLeod County (formed 1856 from Carver)

1860 Census Information taken from a 1917 History Book

1865 State Census of Civil War Veterans

1870 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1885 State Census of Veterans

1890 State Census of Veterans

1895 State Census of Veterans

1905 State Census of Veterans

1910 State Census of Veterans

Other Records

1883 Pensioners List

1901 McLeod County Members of Minnesota Territorial Pioneers

1928 Students of Glencoe High School

1937 Students of Stevens Seminary - Glencoe High School















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