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Census Records Notes 

For Ireland

The first Irish census to survive intact is 1901. 

The 1911 Irish census did survive and is available at the National Archives of Ireland.

Earlier Irish census records were largely destroyed by fire. There are fragments which have been transcribed by genealogists but these include only a very small amount of the original records.

The best known Irish census substitute is Griffith's Valuations which was a listing of who the renters were and who owned the property.  It was begun about 1848.

Information source:

Christina Hunt.

The 1766 Religious Census of Ireland

by Sherry Irvine

About the 1766 Religious Census of Ireland:

In 1766, the Irish Parliament ordered all Church of Ireland ministers in their respective parishes to prepare a list of householders and their religious affiliation (church of Ireland, Catholic or Presbyterian). In addition the ministers were required to include information about........ Read More

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Irish Vital Records

For Irish births, marriages and deaths after 1864 and Church of Ireland marriages since 1 April 1845:

General Register Office

8-11 Lombard Street

East Dublin 2, Ireland

Irish Vital Records before 1864 are held in Parish Registers.  Most of these have been microfilmed up until 1880 and are available at:

National Library

Kildare Street

Dublin 2, Ireland

Northern Ireland Vitals

The General Register Office

Republic of Ireland Vitals

The General Register Office




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Census records online in Ireland:

 UK Databases at

 1702 Irish Pensioners of William III Huguenot Regiments

 1709 Irish Revenue Commissioners 

 1824 Pigot's Provincial Directory of Ireland Images

 1846 Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland Images

 1901 Census of Ireland at The National Archives of Ireland

 1911 Census of Ireland at The National Archives of Ireland

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 Free Griffiths Valuation

County Galway   Galway GenWeb   Galway IGP   Galway Message Board

Census of Galway

1901 Census of Ballinasloe Part 1

1901 Census of Ballinasloe Part 2

1901 County Galway Census Search

1901 Census of Beagh Parish

1901 Census of Creagh

1911 Census of Beagh Parish (partial)


Directories of Galway

1824 Pigot's Directory of Ballinasloe

1824 Pigot's Directory of Eyrecourt

1824 Pigot's Directory of Galway

1824 Pigot's Directory of Gort

1824 Pigot's Directory of Loughrea

1846 Slater's Directory of Ballinasloe

1846 Slater's Directory of Clifden

1846 Slater's Directory of Eyrecourt

1846 Slater's Directory of Gort

1846 Slater's Directory of Loughrea

1931 Directory of Athenry Town 

1931 Directory of Tuam Town 

1931 Trade Directory (Searchable)


Valuations of Galway

1850's Griffith's Valuation of Beagh Parish

Griffith's Primary Valutaion (Searchable)


Other County Galway Genealogy Records

Ancient Families of Galway

Surnames of County Galway

1727 Election List

1794 Galway City Freemen

1813-1817 Cummer Parish Marriage Records

1834 List of Catholic parishioners, Kinvara and Killina

1834-1837 Remembrance Masses of Kinvara

1836 Parish Priest Index

1836-1880 Parish Records in Diocese of Clonfert, Killeenadeema Parish

1843 Baptisms in Kinvara

1844-1854 Baptisms in Diocese of Clonfert, Kiltulla Parish (Gloves Townland

1846-1851 Galway Immigrants Arriving in NY

1855-1857 Baptisms of Beagh Parish

1862-1861 Baptisms of Beagh Parish

1870s Land Owners

County Kerry      Kerry GenWeb   Kerry Message Board

Census of Kerry

1659 Penders Census

1827-1852 Heads of Household of Ballyferriter Catholic Parish, Barony of Corkaguiny

1834 Census of Prior and Killemlagh Parishes

1901 Census

1911 Census (in progress)


Military Records of Kerry

1782 Munster Volunteer Registry


Valuations of Kerry

Griffiths Valuation of Various Parishes

1852 Griffiths Valuation


Other County Kerry Genealogy Records

Baptism / Birth Records of County Kerry

Death / Burial Records of County Kerry

Early Records Extracted from the Casey Collection

Lord Ventry - English Family of Nobles on the Dingle Peninsula

1704 List of Popish Parish Priests

1796 Flax Growers

1800s-1900s Ellis Island Immigrants from Castlegregory

1823-1837 Tithe Applotment Books for various parishes

1827-1852 Heads of Households in Ballyferitter Catholic Parish

1846-1912 Index of a Diary (names Dingle Peninsula residents)

1871 History Book Subscribers List

1907 Subscribers List

1916 Knocknagoshel Petition with signers

1926 Register of Electors for Killarney

County Kildare   Kildare GenWeb   Kildare IGP   Kildare Message Board

Census of Kildare

1901 Census of Monasterevan - House and Building Returns


Military Records of Kildare

WWI Casualties From Kildare

1798 & 1948 Extractions from "The Leinster Leader" of Kildare


Valuations of Kildare

Griffiths Primary Valuation (Searchable)


Other County Kildare Genealogy Records

1834 Official Authorities of County Kildare 

1836 Roman Catholic Parishes of County Kildare 

County Kilkenny   Kilkenny GenWeb   Kilkenny IGP   Kilkenny Message Board

Directories for Kilkenny

1931 Trade Directory (Searchable)


Military Records for Kilkenny

1832 Military Index (partial) 


Other County Kilkenny Genealogy Records

Civil Registration Records - Births

Civil Registration Records - Deaths

Civil Registration Records - Marriages 

County Kilkenny History Series

Griffiths Primary Valuation (Searchable)

St. John's Parish Records

St. Mary's Parish Records

1659 Down Survey of County Kilkenny

1851 Aglish Parishoners of County Kilkenny

1858-1880 Birth Records of Kilmacow Parish

1876 Land Owners

County Laois (Leix/Queens)   

Laois GenWeb   Laois IGP   Laois Message Board

Census of Laois

1901 Census Records

1901 Census Heads of Households for Aghaboe Parish

1911 Census Records for Aghaboe Parish


Directories of Laois

1788 Lucas Directory for Mountmellick Town

1824 Pigot's Directory for Maryborough

1931 Trade Directory for County Laois


Military Records of Laois

1797 Cumber Yeomanry Cavalry Soldiers 


Valuations of Laois

Griffiths Primary Valuation for County Laois


Other County Laois Genealogy Records

Baptismal and Birth Records A-L

Baptismal and Birth Records M-Z

Early Dublin Protestant Marriage Bonds

1638-1794 Marriage Licenses from the Diocese of Dublin

1758-1785 Freeholders List

1786-1794 Children Attending Mountmellick Quaker School

1788 Irish Provincial Directory of Mountmellick Town

1864-1884 Civil Registration Books, Abbeyleix & Donaghmore

County Leitrim   Leitrim GenWeb   Leitrim IGP   Leitrim Message Board

Census of Leitrim

1749 Elphin Census Database

1821 Census of Carrigallen

1901 Census Records Transcription


Directories of Leitrim

1931 Trade Directory for County Leitrim (Searchable)


Valuations of Leitrim

Leitrim - Roscommon Griffith's Valuation Database

Griffith's Valuation (partial)

1856 Griffith's Valuation Extracts

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Annaduff Civil Parish

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Carrigallen Parish

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Cloonlogher Civil Parish

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Drumlease Civil Parish

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Drumreilly Civil Parish

1856 Griffiths Valuation of Fenagh Civil Parish


Other County Leitrim Genealogy Records

1834 Official Authorities of County Leitrim

County Limerick   

Limerick GenWeb  Limerick IGP    Limerick Message Board

Census of Limerick

1659 Census Images of Connologh Barony

1766 Religious Census

1901 Census of Limerick City

1901 Census - Assorted Surnames

1911 Census of Limerick City

1911 Census of Limerick County


Directories of Limerick

1769-1920 Trade Directories for Limerick City

1769 Ferrar's Directory of Limerick

1788 General Directory of The Kingdom of Ireland

1824 Pigot's Directory of Limerick

1824 Pigot's Directory of Rathkeale

1842 Pigot's Directory

1846 Slater's Directory

1846 Slater's Directory of Rathkeale


Valuations of Limerick

Griffith's Valuation

Griffiths Valuation - Leitrim / Roscommon

1848-1864 Griffith's Valuation of Limerick

1850 Griffith's Valuation of Limerick City

1851 Griffiths Valuation of Doon Civil Parish

1853 Griffiths Valuation for Abbeyfeale, Killeedy & Monagay Parishes


Other County Limerick Genealogy Records

History of Rathkeale - list of gentry and clergymen in the 19th Century

Obituaries and Funeral Notices from the Limerick Chronicle

1197-1700 Sheriffs and Mayors of City of Limerick

1654 Civil Survey of Cuonagh Barony, Owneybg Barony - Name Index

1660-1661 Poll Tax Collectors

1824 Landlords and Governors - Gortavalla North

1837 Voting Register for Limerick City

1869-1870 Death Records in Ardagh & Athea District

1870 Property Owners

1923 Register of Electors for Limerick City






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