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Illinois Census Notes

Between 1680-1763, Illinois was controlled by the French.

Between 1763-1783, control of Illinois was in the hands of Great Britain.

Between 1800 and 1809, Illinois was included in Indiana Territory.

On 3 March, 1809, Illinois Territory was created.

Federal Illinois census records begin in 1820 and census enumerations were taken every ten years thereafter. Census years available to the public are: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. See 1790-1940 US Census Records at Ancestry.

Soundex code indexes for Federal Illinois census records are available on microfilm for census years: 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920.

1890 Federal census schedules (including the Veterans and Widows census) were completely destroyed by a 1921 warehouse fire with the exception of a small fragment of McDonough County ED 174. See 1890 Federal Census Fragments at Ancestry.

Illinois state census records were enumerated in 1810, 1820, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855 & 1865. See 1825-1865 State Census Records Search at Ancestry. Also See IL State Census for more information about the Illinois State Census.

Illinois Census & Voter Lists

Questions In The Census

Learn what questions were asked in each census year and where to find census records online.  This section of Census Finder covers each census year from 1790-1940 and will give you clues and tips to help you learn to locate your ancestors quickly in census records.

Illinois Census Records


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Illinois Census Records &

Genealogy Records

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1790-1940 US Census Records

1790-1860 Illinois Marriages

1810-1890 Illinois Census Records

1850 US Census Search

1900 Census Online 

Illinois Statewide Databases




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Illinois Vital Records

Illinois Dept. of Health

Division of Vital Records
605 W. Jefferson St.
Springfield, IL 62702-5097
Phone: (217) 782-6553

Death records 1916-1943 are on file at the Illinois State Archives and can be obtained at no charge.

Illinois State Archives

Margaret Cross Norton Building

Capitol Complex

Springfield, IL 62756

Phone: (217) 782-4682

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Illinois Vital Record Databases

Pre 1916 Death Records

1916-1947 Deaths & Stillbirths

1916-1950 Death Records

1763-1900 Marriage Database

1810-1934 Marriages at Family Search

1819-1970 Probate Records


Illinois County Map

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At Ancestry:

 1810-1890 Illinois Census

 Illinois Census & Voter Lists

 Illinois Marriages to 1850



(American Territory: 1787.  Territory: 1809.  Statehood: 1818)

Statewide Illinois Census Records Online

1732 Census of Fort De Chartres (claimed to be the beginning of Illinois)

1787 Census of Kaskaskia

1807 Indiana Territory Census (Covers all of Southern Illinois)

1810-1890 Federal Census Records for Illinois at Ancestry

1810 & 1818 Illinois Census Returns at Ancestry

1825-1865 State Census Records for Georgia at Ancestry

1840 Federal Census Revolutionary War Pensioners - Statewide

1850 Federal Census Index and 1850 Census Images

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index and Images

1855 Illinois State Census Index

1860 Federal Census Index

1865 Illinois State Census Index

1870 Federal Census Index and 1870 Census Images

1880 Federal Census - Search and View the images

1880 Federal Census Search at Family Search

1880 Federal Census Extraction of Southern Illinois Penitentiary

1890 Federal Census Fragments

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images

1910 Federal Census Index

1920 Federal Census Index

1930 Federal Census Index at Family Search

1940 Federal Census Index and 1940 Census Images

Illinois State Databases of Census Records & Genealogy Records


Other IL Statewide Genealogy Records Used as Census Substitutes

Early Illinois Settlers

1807 Voters List


IL Census Records Online by County

Grundy County Census Records (formed 1841 from LaSalle)

1850 Federal Census Index Surnames A-K

1850 Federal Census Index Surnames L-Y


1850 Federal Census Page #:
[151A-161B]    [162A-173B]    [174A-186A]    [186B-190A]


1860 Federal Census of the County Poor House

1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1883 Census of Pensioners


Other Records

1877 & 1917 City Directories

1902-1907 Newspaper Articles

Old Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents

Hamilton County (formed 1821 from White)

1820 Reconstructed Census

1830 Federal Census Index

1830 Federal Census Pages 233-240

1830 Federal Census Pages 241-247

1830 Federal Census at RootsWeb Hamilton County Page

1840 Federal Census


1840 Federal Census Page #:
[135-140]    [141-145]    [146-150]    [151-155]

1850 Federal Census Index.  Surnames starting with:

[A-D]    [D-J]    [J-P]    [P-Z]

1850 Federal Census Page #:

[192A-203A]    [203B-214B]    [215A-225B]    [226A-236B]
[237A-247B]    [248A-258B]    [259A-268A


1850 Federal Census and Index at Carol Lee Yarbrough's Site

1860 Federal Census and Index at Carol Lee Yarbrough's Site

1860 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1900 Federal Census Index

Hancock County Census Records (formed 1825 from Pike & Unorganized Territory)

1841 Revolutionary War Pensioner Census

1850 Federal Census Index

1850 Federal Census Records

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule Part 1

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule Part 2

1860 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1870 Federal Census of Appanoose

1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1883 Census of Pensioners

1890 Federal Census Records Reconstruction


Other Records

Early Settlers

1829 Jury List

1842 Tax List Index

1900-1945 Prairie View School Students

Hardin County Census Records (formed 1839 from Pope)


Other Records

Early Land Records

Military Veterans

1884-1917 Birth Records

1906-1918 Birth Records

Henderson County Census Records (formed 1841 from Warren)

1860 Federal Census Images


Henry County Census Records (formed 1825 from Fulton)

1830 Federal Census Records

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedules

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Bishop Hill

1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

1880 Federal Census of Andover Orphans Home

1880 Federal Census of Poor House

1883 Census of Pensioners

1900 Federal Census of Poor House

1930 Federal Census of Lutheran Home for Children and Farm School


Other Records

Bishop Hill Colony Members

Henry County Pioneers

Military Records

Military Records at Henry County USGenWeb

1839 Tax List of Non Resident Taxable Lands

1875 Atlas Patrons Name Index

1875 Old Settlers Society

1877 Business Directory (partial)

1877 Voters and Tax Lists of Henry County

1877 Tax Payers & Voters of Edford Twp.

1877 Voters & Taxpayers of Weller Twp.

1910 Henry County Doctors

1918 Breeders Directory

1918 Business Directory

1918 Prairie Farmers Directory

Iroquois County Census Records (formed 1833 from Vermilion)

1835 Federal Census Records

1840 Federal Census and Index


Other Records

Early Farmers Name List

1831-1882 Land Owners Surnames A-D

1831-1882 Land Owners Surnames F-K

1831-1882 Land Owners Surnames L-R

1831-1882 Land Owners Surnames Q-Z

1870-1898 Probate Index Surnames A-K

1870-1898 Probate Index Surnames L-Z

1884-1892 Hitchcock Rural School Register

1890 Tax List Index

Burial Permits Surnames A-E

Burial Permits Surnames F-K

Burial Permits Surnames L-P

Burial Permits Surnames Q-Z

Jackson County Census Records (formed 1816 from Johnson & Randolph)

1818 - 1840 Federal Census Records

1820 Federal Census

1830 Militia Census

1850, 1860, 1865, 1870, 1900 and 1910 census records

1855 State Census of Carbondale

1865 State Census Index of Kinkade Precinct

1883 Census of Pensioners

1888-1893 Hiller School Census


Other Records

1813-1820 Early Land Records

1821-1849 Early Land Records

1891 Business Directory of Murphysboro

1920 Farm Directory

Church Records

Early Pioneers of Jackson County

Military Records

Old Settlers of Ora Township






Illinois Census Finder Counties











Jasper-Jo Daviess




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