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Our mission is to provide access to all available census records online. This includes both free and paid subscriptions. Our census directory can be found below. Ancestry.com has completed every name indexing of all U.S. census records 1790-1940 and the images are online. Search these in the searchbox at right.

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Hawaii Census Notes

1840-1896 local Hawaiian census records are available locally in Hawaii and will include the following:

* Royal census enumerations of the Kingdom of Hawaii which survive from 1866, 1878, 1890, and possibly other years. 

* 1895 & 1896 enumerations of the Republic of Hawaii

See Guide to Hawaiian Census Records 1840-1896

All of these early Hawaiian census records are located in the Hawaii State Archives along with the other early census records for Hawaii.  Search the Hawaiian Genealogy Indexes.  The Hawaiian State Archives has some genealogy indexes recorded online.  Search the Hawaiian Genealogy Indexes at the Hawaiian State Archives.

Federal Hawaiian census records are available to the public for census years: 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. See 1790-1940 US Census Search at Ancestry.

Soundex code indexes for Federal Hawaii census records are available on NARA microfilm for census years: 1900 and 1920.

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Hawaii Vital Records

State Dept. of Health
Vital Records Section
P. O. Box 3378
1250 Punch Bowl Ave

Room 103
Honolulu, HI 96801
Phone: (808) 586-4539

or (808) 486-4542

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Questions In The Census

Learn what questions were asked in each census year and where to find census records online.  This section of Census Finder covers each census year from 1790-1940 and will give you clues and tips to help you learn to locate your ancestors quickly in census records.


(Territory 1900.  Statehood 1959)

Discovered in 1778 by Captain Cook, who named the island chain - The Sandwich Islands, it was ruled by natives Monarchs.  From 1893-1898 it was known as The Republic of Hawaii.  Ceded to the United States in 1898, it was known as Hawaii Territory in 1900 and achieved statehood in 1959.  Your webmaster lived in Hawaii for 2 years and I have to say, it is the most beautiful place I have ever been.  Your wildest dreams could not reproduce the beauty of the beaches and lands in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Coat of Arms of The Kingdom of Hawaii

Statewide Hawaii Census Records Online

 1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images of Hawaiian Territory

 1900-1910 Hawaiian Census Records

 1910 Federal Census Index

 1920 Federal Census Index

 1930 Federal Census Index

 1940 Federal Census Index and 1940 Census Images

 Hawaii Statewide Databases of Census Records & Genealogy Records

Other Statewide Hawaiian Genealogical Records

 1880-1924 City Directories (scanned online)

 1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty List

 Hawaiian Genealogy Indexes

Hawaii County Census Records

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images

Other Records

1847-1900 Tax Records for Hamakua & Hilo

Honolulu County Census Records

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images

1920 Federal Census of Midway Island

1930 Federal Census of Midway Island

Other Records

1800s Obituaries from The Sandwich Isle Gazette

1800s Obituaries from The Ka Hae Hawaii Newspaper

1800s Obituaries from The Hawaiian Gazette

1896-1909 Territory of Hawaii Births (partial)

Genealogy of The Chiefs of Na Lani Kamehameha

Honolulu, Hawaii Directory, 1890

Portuguese Immigrants to Hawaii

Kalawao County Census Records

1920 Federal Census Index

1920 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 1A-5A

1920 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 5B-9B

1920 Federal Census Transcription - Pages 10A-14A

1920 Federal Census of Kalaupapa 71

Kauai County Census Records

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images

Maui County Census Records

1900 Federal Census Index and 1900 Census Images


Hawaiian Ship Passenger Records

Chinese Passenger Manifests

Japanese Passenger Manifests - Surnames A-L

Japanese Passenger Manifests - Surnames M-Z

Portuguese Passenger Manifests

1900-1952 Honolulu Index to Passengers, Not Including Filipinos

Hawaiians Found in Washington State

 Forgotten Hawaiians who left Hawaii for Washington State

 Hawaiians listed on Washington State Census Records

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1815-1985 Historical Newspapers

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Online Books

1848 Mahele Book

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Koamalu - a story of pioneers on Kauai at Ancestry

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US Census Records

 1790-1940 Census Search

 1850 Census Records Search

 1920 Census Records Search

 1930 Census Records Search

 Census Search at RootsWeb

 Mortality Schedules Free Search

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at Ancestry

Honolulu, Hawaii Directory, 1890

1900-1910 Hawaiian Census


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