The 1930 U.S. Federal Census images are now online and viewable in their original form.

Locate your ancestors in the 1930 census records.

What will you find?  You will be able to view the actual image of pages recorded 82 years ago when census takers knocked on your ancestors' doors and asked the questions included in census returns for the year 1930.

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 1930 Census Questions





I just know

PLEASE!  How can I find 1930 census records?

they're in here somewhere!

The 1930 census population schedules can reveal an extremely large amount of family history information for the genealogy researcher. 

If you locate your family in the 1930 census records, you will discover your ancestor's age, birthplace, and family relationships. Learn who was living in each home in 1930. Learn not only the occupations of family members but where they worked and if they are currently working.  Did the children attend school?  

Some of the more obscure questions asked by 1930 census takers include:

Was the individual a war veteran?  Did the family own or rent their home? How much was their rent, or value of their property?  What was the street address of their home? Could each family member read or write?  You will even learn if the family had a radio set in their home, which was the newest invention of this time period.

Discover where the family came from by learning their years of immigration and naturalization, naturalization status, and native language. 

The 1930 census also lists the birthplace and native language of each individual's father and mother, providing you with valuable information to trace your ancestry back one more generation in the family tree.

If you are searching for Native American Heritage, this census may prove useful as there are no separate Indian population schedules in the 1930 census records.  Inhabitants of reservations were enumerated in the general population schedules but some minor differences in reporting were used: in place of country of birth for the father, the degree of Indian blood was listed and for the country of birth for the mother the tribe was listed.

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